Friday, May 7, 2021



Out Now; Regressus Diaboli Fanzine # 3 "Powrót Zła"

the Blackened Mass Of The Third Holocaust Of Evil strikes back.  This issue, with 88 pages, includes interviews with Holocausto, Witchcraft (Fin.), Witchcraft fanzine, Hidden Dagger, Blasphemous Sexfago, Goat Synagogue, Pheretrum, Terozin fanzine, Life Eternal Productions, Drutentus, Illapa, Utuk Xul, Antumia, Earth Crust Displacement & Death Altar.
Besides the mentioned interviews there are two short stories, reviews, biographies & a live report.  

Price is 5 Euro per copy + postage
Whole sale for multiple copies is 4 Euro per copy. 


Stefan Ramm
Jablonskistraße 01
10405 Berlin

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

morbid blessings

finally the split tape with nameless tomb and demonomancer is officially released, sodomistic rituals did a fantastic job, 
both bands present unreleased tracks, filled with utmost dark and uncomfortable (non)music , nothing for the fancy, nothing for watainfans
so if you are into untrendy and filthy rawblacketal madness get in touch with   the bands/ label!

SodomisticR./Temple of Adoraion :


Nameless Tomb: S.ramm, jablonskistraße 1, 10405 berlin germoney/allemagne 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

NAMELESS TOMB "aura of the abhorrent and perverted"  tape
finally the seond effor of this infamous and ugly band is desecrating the earth
three hymns to celebrate the obscue and perverted deathmetal
in the vein of archgoat to demo times, abhorer, traumtic, carcass

get in touch 
trade only or send blank tape along with some stamps!
contact:s.ramm jablonskistraße 1

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

hell-o fuckers, finally after three years the next of rergessus diaboli zine is out now!

44 black and white pages cutn paste with absurd interrogations with:GOATSEMEN(per),SARTEGOS(gal),NECRODISSEMINATOR(bra).DECHE-CHARGE(can),ETERNAL DARKNESS CREATIONS(usa),GOATFAGO(den),MORBIDITY(bang),NEKROMANTHEION(bol),
+ BIOGRAPHYS of  Domains,Execrution,Obscure Burial,Ogdru Jahad, 
+ Articles about the weird and obscure

soo if you are into weird and extreme (non)music and demodeathmetalworshipping madness, feel free to contact me : s.ramm,jablonskistraße 1,10405, berlin,germany,

deathmetal or diiiiiiieeeeeeeeee

Friday, June 7, 2013

Regressus Diaboli Issue II, is in the works,
this time the zine will feature great forces such as
- Burning Winds
- Goatfago
- Keith from Eternal Darkness Creations
- Nekromantheion
- Deche-Charge
- Morbidity
- Jahiliyyah
- Ejecutor
- Madre Coca

as well as reviews, bios, and some other obscure things to devour!
of corpse NO facebook, NO ripp off, NO trend , NO pro-Life shit

the second issue will be up for trades mostly, it makes no sense selling it, since it is not about money!
get in touch, if you want to trade or get in contact for anything, hehe

saludoz morbido arrrggghhhhhhh
tradelist update 2013

- Force of Darkness "rehellsal 1" Chile, well this speaks for itself, recently released on lp ,  
- Force of Darkness "rehellsal 2" Chile, if you dont know force of darkness, stay away than!
- Lord Blasphemy "supremo del abismo" Bolivia 2003, raw blackmetal, reco.
- Gorefagor "demo reh." Boliva, 2006, great obscure deathgrind, band is defunct!
- Kambing "black himatayon ritual" Philippines, this is a compilation of their early Material, raw blackmetal with indigen touch, done by Sodomistic Rituals Prods. 
- Bestial Holocaust "final extermincaion" Bolivia, promo, only lim. tp 33, their first album which is in my opinion the most raw and best!
- Xerbeth "s/t" Bolivian raw blackmetal, released by Diabolous productions 
- SCUD "despertar y cver escoria" Argentina , now defunct, this is the official re-release from this outstanding ultra obscure deathmetal band, recommended only for the sick minded, hehe 
- Serpents Athirst "prevail" 2011 Sri Lanka, great Blackmetal, with an obscure touch, this is the same material they used for the split with Solitary Depression (sri lanka), plus one unreleased song extra
- Black Vul Destruktor "bestial obscure metal kaos" Argentina, kind of a good band, but an attitude like a 13 year old, 
- Slow Agony "live" from Paraguay Deathmetal Hereos, this is a nice re-release of the EP which came out in 1997, Pro-Cover
- Black Angel "rituales infernalis" 2012, Peru/Brazil, Set from a Liveshow in Bolivia, good sound, only for Fans of BA 
- Jahiliyyah "aiyyame jahiliyaaah" 2012 Bangladesh, great oldshool deathmetal, in the vein of early ABHORER, recommended 
- Hellhammer "live in nurendorf-1983" interesting bootleg , they actually never played live, so this is a surprise 
-  Madre Coca "songs of old and forgotten birds" whimsical indigen Noisecore, in the veins of old Agathocles, Deche-Charge etc.
- Astaroth (Col) „guerra de metal“ bootleg tape pro done
- death angel „fall from grace“. tape
- Black countess "blood,desire and dead nenuphars" russian melo. deathmetal 
- Satan "the fallen crow" Peru , solid Blackmetal 
- helloween master of the rings ori. Tape
- incisor s/t tape (peru) occult deathmetal
- balmog/aborioth split tape prof.layout
- ruins - baptised in the name of satan
- Bemdesar „glorificando a satanas“ tape
- nocturnal vomit - infernal ascension of the gods- tape
- broma obscura -mumurios da serra - prof. tape lim.100
- fornace -the man who wanted change the world - d.metal
- necromessiah - instar gladii in corporein christi orig.tape
- warlust - the final war -tape blackmetal
- coldblooded - sangue barbaro - tape death/black
- devil lee rot / autopsy torment split tape ori.
- deity of carnification - most impious summoning of chaos - tape
- slaughtermessiah „lord of terror“ ( philippines) bestial onslaught
- mandingazo(chil) „deathmetal punishment“
- wintergate „slave to satan“
- Necrolisis „devastador metal“
- fateless (URUGUAY) „total devastation“ (mante negra super rare !!!)
- ossuary (uruguay) „we await the secret conspiracy“ ep tape format a classical and rare underground item
- voltifobia/napalmed split tape grindcore and noise (jpn,chez)
- et verbi sathanus „ demoreh.“ (chile)
- infexion „fascitas otra vez no“ early hardcorepunk (ecu)

- inquisition(col.)/profane existence split lp gatefold great qualitiy
- bestial holocaust(bol) „primigenium invocation“ ep
- warsore (oz) „brutal re.....“ ep

- drengskapur ---von nebel umschlungen
- graveland - blood of hereos - digi cd no co.
- fafner /nominon - deamons of the past - old styled deathmetal blackmetal
- exekrator „ordro bestiae“cd
- adversary „forsaken“ cd
- demon seed of thrash : raped god , antacid , incinerator split cd
- bestial raids „necrowar holocaust“ cdr
- strangulation „withering existence“ demo cd
- hematoma „four yours we wait“ cd
- dead meat „i liberate your soul to condemn your flesh!“ cd

- beherit odlogo with goat baseballcap ( great quality !!!!!)

i have a list with more items, if you are interested in trade you are welcome to get in contact


Monday, December 5, 2011

"regressus diaboli" FIRST INSULT IS OUT NOW!!!!

finally released....the first issue of regressus diaboli.....
interviews with:necroholocaust, paganus doctrina, miserycore,dishammer,mefitic, infernal curse, some reviews as well as some biographys.....

trade are more than welcome, otherwise only printcosts, 2 € , international postage rate please ask


Sunday, November 6, 2011


the following newsletters are available for printcosts, only for support the labels, bands, individuals behind.....copy and spread!!!!!!

INTO THE CATACOMB Nov.10, killer Newsletter with some reviews as well as some nice chatts with Imperator,Terrorrama and more, contact:
INTO THE CATACOMB II , Chile attacks again, dirty raw and full of metal!!!!!!

KAMPF FUKKLETTER , INt. with Kulto Maldito , some nice Reviews and contacts, Cult Label from Poland

TEMPLE OF ADORATION "call from the crypt" NEWS ISSUE IS OUT CONTACT(IInt. Nuit Noire, Desecration of God Productions, Warpath, Curriculum Mortis and more, African Special!)!!!!Int. with Enslaver (Pan) some really in depth Reviews ...get in Touch with this Demon :

LIFESPAWN RECORDS Newsletter II , Introduction with some of the Bands of the Label , Interview with Paganfire, Tenebrion, Concertreport as well as some cool Reviews
Contact: Ser Edward R. Natividad
Maulawin ST. Grren Village Subd.
Sta. Cruz, Laguna 4008

Of course those are not for sell or trade, just as adds and support only!!!!

 contact for trades or anything else